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About Us

Highland West is the section of West Broad Street on the Hilltop designated by the City of Columbus as an NCR District, east of Hague Avenue, named for the end-of-the-line Streetcar that served our community in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We are the neighborhoods that surround it:  Glenwood Heights, Maple Grove, Westwood Heights, Oakley, Highland Park, Bellaire, Florence Park, Eldon Heights, Glenview Heights, Landscape, High Park, Hillcrest Park, Wicklow, Hillcrest, to name a few. Our boundaries are I-70 on the east, Hague Avenue on the west, and the railroad tracks just south of Valleyview on the north, with a varied, porous southern border. Beginning in the 1890’s both black and white settlers began to move their families up to what was then known as Sullivant's Hill or the National Road,  where they built homes and established neighborhoods. After annexation into the City of Columbus in the 1900's, the area gradually began to be known as hilltop.  The diversity continues to this day as new nationalities and social groups have moved in, enriching the social fabric of our neighborhood. In our parks you can see rugby, soccer, and cricket played alongside our American sports of baseball, football, and basketball, giving it a very “international” feel.  Diversity is not just a trendy word for us. Diversity has become a way of life in Highland West. adding depth and the promise of great potential for our community. Come join us as we create something unique and special up on the “hill”.



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