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The WINTER 2017 NEWSLETTERS are out!

The Winter edition of our newsletter is out and in the mail!  Please click below for your digital copy.  It is the full color, large print edition!

Winter 2017 Newsletter…


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Exciting News

I've lived in Highland West for a year now, and I'm excited to be a part of the Highland West Civic Association.  I'll admit that the first few meetings I attended were a bit discouraging, but the Association is more organized and everybody on the board seems to be ready to start a new era of community participation.

I'm posting this as a message to all residents to get involved.  We want to unite our current residents around the goal of uplifting our neighborhood, while we…


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The Fall 2016 Newsletters are out and now available!

The newsletters were mailed out last week and should be on their way to your mailboxes for most of you.  For some of you we are delivering your newsletters by hand due to changes in the routes of the mail carriers.  In the meantime, here is the full color, large print edition.  Just click on the…


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A Community Committed to History and Progress

What a great time today. My son Timothy Rush enjoyed the opportunity to spend the morning jumping in and helping on behalf of CleanTurn Enterprises. He, myself and my daughter had a blast discussion with loving, engaged and passionate neighbors who are committed to the history of the community and its progress! Simply a breath of fresh air during a very busy campaign season!…


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Travel the Trail the RIGHT way

Trail visitors do you know the proper side to run, walk and bike?

Stay to the RIGHT. "Wheels yield to heels"

Many Trails are 10-12 feet wide with yellow dashed lines in the middle. Please run, walk, rollerblade, skateboard and bike on the right side and when you need to pass, do so on the LEFT side and give warning with a bell or say "passing". When passing it's OK to cross the yellow line and then return to the right side, as long as the oncoming trail lane is clear, if not…


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Camp Chase Trail on the Hilltop

New Westside Trail Now Open!  The northern trail beginning is on N. Eureka between Holton Park Rec Center and Valleyview Dr. 

Here are directions for navigating the 8 miles from German Village to Camp Chase Trail that travels through the neighborhoods of the hilltop.     https://goo.gl/ymEeSB…


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Glenwood Community Center Grand Re-Opening is taking place THIS WEEKEND!!!

Please join us this weekend for the Neighborhood Reunion, celebrating the Grand Reopening of the Glenwood Community Center in Glenwood Park. There will be an Open House on Friday, April 22nd from 6:00 to 8:30 PM, which will include Family Fun Night, so bring the whole family.  Then on Saturday…


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Highland West Welcomes Spring!

Thanks to all of our volunteers over the past 3 years who have helped make this entrance feature to the westside into a reality.  There's more work to be done to maintain and to enhance it, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to become a "Friend of Glenwood Park" as we enter into the warmer…


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You CAN report DRUG ACTIVITY directly to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Here is the link.  Some areas, including part of ours, have had good results from this in the past.  And YES, you can remain anonymous!  Click on the link below, fill out the form, and submit it. 




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THE BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY AND WHAT YOU CAN DO! (Reprinted by popular demand!)

Perhaps they’ll break in and set up shop for drug deals and prostitution … or squatters could move into it, light a fire in the fireplace to keep warm only to burn the entire house to the ground, taking the adjacent houses along with it.  Once done with the house across the street, the vandals will need…


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Please come join us as we continue our discussion with the Westside Community Health Advisory Committee!

The Westside Community Health Advisory Committee is hosting the third community conversation by way of a panel discussion on the topic “Wounded Places: Confronting Childhood PTSD in America’s Shell Shocked Cities”.  This topic impacts many of our neighbors, friends and…


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Proposed Changes to the Highland West Neighors Association Bylaws

1.  To change the name of the "Highland West Neighbors Association" to the "Highland West Civic Association".

2.  To change the southern boundary of "Highland West"

To amend the following:

Section 4.  The area of Highland West defined by boundaries.   The boundaries which define the area known as Highland West shall be the following:

A. Hague Avenue on the west…


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The Highland West Winter Newsletters are out!

They are on their way to everyone's homes via the U.S. Mail.  Click on the link to read to full color version!

Click the link below to read!…


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Be sure to join in the fun!

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Camp Chase Trail Hilltop Action Team

Help Launch the Camp Chase Trail Hilltop Action team

Saturday, December 5, 2015;  10am-11:30am at the Hilltop YMCA

Exciting News! The Camp Chase Trail is now 12 miles and the final 3 miles are currently under construction on the Hilltop!

We are reaching out to neighbors and trail enthusiasts to make the trail the ultimate community destination. Are you willing to help us turn this dream into reality?

The Hilltop Action team will engage…


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